Differences in Gender Roles within Start Up Ventures

On International Women's Day, we thought it would be useful to repost a blog article from our affiliate company, Pivomo.

Pivomo has drawn upon its extensive database generated from it's Dynamiqe™ Psychometric Entrepreneurial Profiling Tool and analysed the implications for gender and entrepreneurship. The findings are  are revealing.

Here's a brief snippet and a link to the full article:

Dynamiqe Profiles by Gender.001

Entrepreneurship – A Route To Empowerment

At Pivomo, we have longed believed that entrepreneurship provided one means to redress the overall gender imbalances and inequalities in our society, which range from unequal access to power, influence, wealth and well being. Entrepreneurship offers empowerment and agency to women, and scope to “do it for ourselves”. Traditional private and public sectors organisations, including universities, have been “glacially slow” (1), in providing women with access to senior roles in the organisation.

Pivomo has been researching female entrepreneurship in depth since 2012. What do women say about the entrepreneurial roles they play, and how does this differ from men?

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