Meet Our Global Associates

Scaling Coaching Globally

We've been working with leaders around the world for over 25 years, helping them embed coaching, mentoring and learning into organizational cultures.

We've also worked with fabulous coaches, mentors and learning designers based in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas, drawing upon rich and varied expertise. Our global associates are all senior executive coaches with international reputations, who have held significant leadership roles. They are professionally certified and have a minimum of 5-7 years client experience.

Please visit their biographies below, and also explore links to the blog articles and videos.

Scaling Coaching Globally

We have worked around the world with a wide variety of partners, with active engagements in many locations

Next Steps...

Please contact us early on as we'd be delighted to share our experience in the design of your coaching, mentoring or learning intervention early on, and we enjoy co-designing solutions with clients.